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Let's VOTE NO and reconsider a more appropriate bond for the district next year.

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MORE FACTS About the Proposed Clear Creek ISD Bond

If voters mistakenly approve this new $487M bond, Clear Creek ISD will be over two billion dollars in debt. How does that compare to the rest of Texas?

Take a look at this before-and-after picture. Using data from the Texas Comptroller's office, there are 105 school districts with 10,000 or more students. CCISD has about 40,000 students.

Today, CCISD is already near the worst in Texas for debt-per-student.

If voters unfortunately pass this new bond, CCISD moves to the very bottom of the pack - the most debt-per-student in all of Texas.

How is that responsible?

Debt is out of control and not in synch with population growth in Texas. According to an article in the Texas Tribune, initially titled "Local Debt Soaring Across Texas"

Across Texas cities, tax-supported debt has grown 78 percent since 2004, while the population grew by just 18 percent. It's a similar story with the state's counties, with tax-supported debt held by counties growing by 58 percent since 2004.

The growth in debt is most pronounced for the state's school districts. Between 2004 and 2013, the student population at Texas public school districts has grown 14 percent. During the same period, voter-approved tax debt for school districts has grown 97 percent, from $32.6 billion to $64.2 billion.

We love living here. Burying our children in this beautiful city beneath an irresponsible burden of debt is bad policy. The bond should be reworked and resubmitted with more appropriate and reasonable numbers.

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